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Wecardio mini portable ECG

Wecardio mini portable ECG

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WECARDIO is a precious tool that allows the doctor to monitor the situation of his patients in real time. Thanks to the dedicated WECARDIO HC app (free), the patient will be able to comfortably manage all the device's functions from their smartphone: from rhythm control and recording, to ischemia control, with the possibility of recording multiple ECG traces to send to their trusted cardiologist for a complete diagnosis of the event. The doctor will thus have the recording available a few seconds after the event and will be able to intervene promptly, managing to diagnose even the most complex anomalies.

For the patient: he has the possibility, in less than a minute, to record any heart rhythm anomaly and send it to his doctor with one click, offering him a complete picture of the situation, extremely precise and, practically, almost simultaneously with the event itself .
For the doctor: he can receive updated heartbeat traces from his patients, without having to visit them, being able to intervene promptly where necessary.

For owners of sports facilities or activities: to monitor the performance of athletes from a cardiac point of view.

The device is very easy to use: it connects via Bluetooth with the free application (WECARDIO HC), present in both iOS systems (click HERE and download your app for Apple devices for free) and Android systems (click HERE and download yours for free app for Android devices) and, once started, shows the heart tracing in real time. The path is immediately stored in a convenient PDF which can then be immediately shared via normal phone, tablet or computer applications such as: email, whatsapp etc. All it takes is one click and you don't even need to think about the text of the email, because the app generates a universal one (which you can modify as you wish) to allow sharing in real time.

Small, compact and easy to carry, the device is powerful and precise, with a minimal design that makes it an aesthetically pleasing device. Thanks to the use of light alloy materials, WECARDIO is very light, wear-resistant, and easy to transport.

It weighs only 33 grams and measures 88x49mm

Together with the device you will find a USB cable to recharge it (although the charging duration is up to 9 months), a velvet Wecardio holder and a very simple leaflet that quickly explains how to activate and use WECARDIO. Instead, the parent company's instruction manual, translated into Italian, can be downloaded via QR CODE present in the package.

Let's summarize the features/benefits of WECARDIO:

- Free unlimited STORAGE of the routes taken on your phone
- Rechargeable battery. A single charge lasts 9 months under normal use
- Bluetooth enabled, 9 meter range
- Compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets and more
- FDA 510k Cleared (K170506) & CE Marked (0086)
- 1 year warranty
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