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Smart Tecar Wave 3 in 1

Smart Tecar Wave 3 in 1

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Smart Tecar Wave 3 in 1 is the ideal solution for those seeking effective and long-lasting relief from subacute, subchronic and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Thanks to its combination of three technologies, this TECAR machine offers a series of unique and non-invasive benefits to promote tissue healing, regeneration and repair.

Shockwave technology delivers high energy to painful areas and affected soft tissues, actively contributing to the healing processes. With just three or four treatments at weekly intervals, each therapy session takes just 10 minutes, offering fast, long-lasting relief.

Tecar, through capacitive resistive therapy, offers effective pain relief. Its ability to apply heat accelerates metabolism, increasing blood flow and providing greater oxygenation to tissues. This process not only reduces pain significantly but also promotes rapid healing of injuries.

Finally, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) promotes post-exercise recovery and muscle growth. Through the application of electrical impulses, it stimulates the muscles, promoting rapid and long-lasting muscle growth.

With shipping within 10 days of receiving payment, you can quickly enjoy the benefits of this advanced technology.
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