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Green Shield

Qi Oil MHz+ Red Thyme

Qi Oil MHz+ Red Thyme

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Open the door to a new dimension of well-being with Qi Oil MHz+ Red Thyme, the essence that embraces the wonder of the biofrequency system to infuse strength and purity in every drop. When the body's natural balance is measured against the challenges of the modern era, this essential oil becomes an essential ally, a radiant beacon among the storms of frequencies that disturb cellular calm.

Vigorous Symphony of Health with Qi Oil MHz+ Red Thyme:

In the privacy of your personal sanctuary or in the vastness of the outside world, Qi Oil MHz+ Red Thyme is the fragrant touch that whispers to boost your immune system, a sigh of love for your natural defenses. Supported by a choreography of biofrequency waves, each application is an invitation to optimal absorption and a sign of sustainable health.

Reinforced Benefits for You and Your Skin:

Experience the mastery of red thyme, extracted into an oil with excellent benefits:

  • High Immune Shield: A bastion of vibrations that nourishes and strengthens your immune system.
  • Renowned Protector: Microbiotic battles become glimpses of historic victories with its antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Vigilant Antioxidant: Your cells celebrate the increase in their integrity under the custody of its antioxidant properties.
  • Respiratory Lightness: The airways open to the embrace of the thymus, bringing relief and new breadth to your breathing.
  • Anti-inflammatory Peace: Swelling and pain subside under his gentle, powerful touch, returning you to a state of comfortable tranquility.
  • Harmonized Digestion: Rediscover your body's natural rhythm, while digestive disorders dissolve into a faded memory.
  • Older Skin: Every pore opens to the possibility of radiant skin, free from acne and eczema thanks to its healing virtues.
  • Reinvigorated Energy: Mental and emotional fatigue retreats in the face of its revitalizing power, leaving room for new vitality.
  • Antiseptic Guardian: Wounds heal sheltered and protected, in the sanctuary of its purifying properties.
  • Radiant Antioxidant Effects: An additional bulwark against time and deterioration, maintaining the skin in its pure beauty.

Researched Methods of Using Qi Oil MHz+ Red Thyme:

  • Topical and Tactile: Dilute gently and let your skin be imbued with health with a regenerating massage.
  • Environmental aromatherapy: It permeates spaces with essences that inspire health and tranquility, for a clean and invigorated atmosphere.
  • Relaxing Bath: Immerse yourself in waters that exude tranquility, bringing with them physical and mental tone and regeneration.

A Conscious Approach:

Start with a small gesture, a test on the skin, to ensure a perfect synergy between the oil and your individuality. Remember to always look for quality and safety, for a treatment that is genuine help in your life journey.

Qi Oil MHz+ Red Thyme is therefore not only a promise, but a confirmation of reinvigorated balance and rediscovered harmony. It is available for you in our online shop, ready to be your daily companion, a breath of pure health and a beacon on the path to your biofrequency regeneration. Let science and nature communicate on your skin, inviting a wellness revolution into your every day.


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