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Green Shield

Qi Oil MHz+ Nardo. A sensorial journey towards well-being.

Qi Oil MHz+ Nardo. A sensorial journey towards well-being.

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Discover the spiritual essence of the Himalayas with Qi Oil MHz+ Nardo, a breath of ancestral purity that envelops and permeates your being. Encapsulated in this precious oil, the wisdom of the high peaks and the resonance of the earth converge in a blend of well-being and prosperity.

Drawing on the ancient secrets of Nardostachys Jatamansi, Himalayan Red Spikenard reveals itself to your search for the essential. Through the meticulous distillation of the rhizomes and roots, Nardo oil unfolds as a rarefied liquid imbued with an exotic and woody aroma, a balm for the agitated spirit.

Qi Oil MHz+ Nardo is not just an oil, it is a vibrant bridge between you and the universe. Our unique biofrequency system elevates its purity to new heights, programming the oil with targeted frequencies that enhance and magnify its intrinsic properties, transforming each application into a holistic experience.

Heavenly Benefits of Qi Oil MHz+ Nardo:

  • Relieves the Body : When muscle pain and inflammation seek refuge, Qi Oil MHz+ Nardo offers itself as a soothing sanctuary, contributing to a profound relief experience.
  • Regenerate and Repair : Let yourself be lulled by the regenerative power that stimulates the skin's natural healing process and the clarity that nourishes every cell.
  • Circle of Life : Wrap your being in optimal blood flow, an interweaving of life and harmonious movement.
  • Inner Peace : Breathe in the tranquility that this sacred oil can instill, letting stress vanish like a mirage in the serene air of the Himalayan dawn.
  • Radiant Naturalness : Pamper your skin with the aura of Nardo, a haven of unrivaled natural beauty and freshness.

Sacred Ways of Use :

  • Therapeutic Massage : Combine Qi Oil MHz+ Nardo with a carrier oil and let your hands sing an ancient prayer on the canvas of the body, a massage that speaks the language of the universe.
  • Bath Ritual : Add a few drops to your evening bath to transform the water into a fountain of youth, a moment of contemplation among the wise waves of frequencies.
  • Inhalation for the Soul : For those seeking stillness, a simple deep breath brings with it the portal to the serenity of Nardo.
  • Environmental Diffusion : Give your family oasis the touch of Nardo, spreading an atmosphere of blandishments and sweet moods, a sanctuary of homely peace.
  • Celestial Skin Care : Introduce Spikenard into your beauty rituals to enhance its effect with a thousand-year heritage.

Wisdom Guide for Use :

Remember the importance of dilution and listen to the advice of the wise to avoid adverse reactions. Always consult an expert, as a North Star, in particular situations such as pregnancy or allergies.

Qi Oil MHz+ Nardo, an essence that is not simply extracted, but awakened. Each drop vibrates with such natural integrity and purity, an earthly song devoid of human artifice. It's a call to a more intentional life in tune with natural rhythms, available now for your soul in our online shop – a trace of heaven in a drop of earth.


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