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Qi Oil MHz+ Lemon: Rebalances and Regenerates

Qi Oil MHz+ Lemon: Rebalances and Regenerates

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Our planet is facing an unprecedented challenge in which electromagnetic frequencies are influencing and altering our cellular communication balances. This can lead to disharmonies and, over time, to real dysfunctions and pathologies. Qi Oil MHz+ uses biofrequencies to transmit specific information through the skin to restore balance.

We recommend reading the books "The Frequencies of Rifing" and "Onde che Curano" by Eng. Marcello Allegretti, available on Amazon, to better understand this technology.

Qi Oil MHz+ Lemon is a line of essential oils designed to rebalance and regenerate the body's cells, allowing them to communicate better and regain their natural balance.

Recommendations for use:

  • Antibacterial and antiviral properties for coughs, colds and flus
  • It helps in digestion and counteracts nausea and abdominal swelling
  • Ideal for purifying domestic environments
  • Counteracts skin aging and skin impurities
  • Promotes blood circulation, useful for cellulite and water retention
  • Strengthens nails and makes them more resistant
  • Stimulates the nervous system, promoting concentration and improving mood

Ways of use:

  • Internally to aid digestion and combat abdominal swelling
  • In the kitchen to flavor biscuits, cakes and jams
  • In aromatherapy to perfume the environment, promote good mood and concentration and improve breathing.
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