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Green Shield

Qi Oil MHz+ Eucalyptus. Pure freshness for body and mind.

Qi Oil MHz+ Eucalyptus. Pure freshness for body and mind.

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Regenerate your environment and your well-being with QI OIL MHz+ EUCALYPTUS , your new essential for an existence in perfect balance and harmony. A revolution is hidden in the drops of this essential oil: the biofrequency system, harmonized with science to awaken and restructure cellular communication within your body.

The Natural Promise of Eucalyptus

This oil is not simply essential, it is essentially transformative. Every drop of QI OIL MHz+ EUCALYPTUS brings with it a myriad of benefits:

  • Antimicrobial : Equipped with a natural strength that fights invaders such as bacteria and viruses.
  • Expectorant : Clears your airways for deeper, purer breathing.
  • Anti-inflammatory and Antispasmodic : Relieves swelling and spasms, providing comfort.
  • Energizing and Antioxidant : Infuses energy and fights the signs of aging, for an ever-young mind and body.

Advanced Biofrequential Technology

With our biofrequency innovation, we enhance the intrinsic properties of eucalyptus oil, making it a welcoming echo of your body's natural rhythm. The calibrated electromagnetic pulses amplify the effectiveness of each drop, helping you live in symbiosis with the technological and natural environment.

Versatile and Easy to Use

  • Diffusion : Purifies the air around you, leaving a refreshing and pure imprint in any room.
  • Suffumigi : Find your breath through therapeutic vapors in an ancient and powerful practice.
  • Topical Application : A direct touch where needed, for immediate and muffled relief from the outside world.
  • Gargling : A gentle cure for a sore throat, a ritual that speaks directly to your well-being.

With QI OIL MHz+ EUCALYPTUS , become the protagonist of your vital balance. And as this oil envelops your senses, allow a pure essence to transform your home into a temple of relaxation, renewal and health.

Safety and Effectiveness : Developed under rigorous quality standards, designed to accompany you on the journey to well-being. But be sure to do a patch test to prevent allergic reactions and always follow the instructions of a wellness professional.

Open the door to a world of balance with QI OIL MHz+ EUCALYPTUS - A haven of serenity in your busy life.


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