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Mini Rife Machine

Mini Rife Machine

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Mini Rife Machine

The Mini Rife Machine is a device that is based on the principles of Rife therapy, developed by the American scientist Royal Raymond Rife in the 20th century. According to Rife, every disease has a specific vibrational frequency which could be destroyed by a resonance frequency.

The brief historical notes date back to the period between the 1920s and 1930s, when Rife conducted a series of experiments and studies in the field of microbiology. He claimed to have discovered the specific frequencies of microorganisms responsible for diseases such as cancer and to be able to destroy them through resonance therapy.

The Mini Rife Machine is a portable version of the original Rife Machine, and is designed to emit specific frequencies through electromagnetic waves. Its main functions are the selective elimination of pathogenic microorganisms and the stimulation of the immune system. The frequencies emitted by the device are customizable to target specific pathogens.

The benefits associated with the Mini Rife Machine include an overall improvement in health, reduction of symptoms of certain diseases, a possible increase in energy and a potential acceleration of the healing process and prevention.

Mini Rife Machine comes with a number of accessories included.

  • 1 Rife frequency generator + USB power cable with the possibility of connecting it to a socket or to a power bank;
  • 1 red/black BNC cable with 2 2mm "female" plugs;
  • 10 Electrodes (Pads) 50×100mm with 2 mm "male" plug
  • 1 pair of conductive gloves to connect to the device - Size. Unique
  • 1 pair of conductive knee pads to connect to the device - Size. Unique
  • 1 pair of conductive socks to connect to the device - Size. Unique
  • Frequency Low biofrequency cream to facilitate contact with the body
  • 1 color paper user manual with 500 usage frequencies


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