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Mini Rife Imprinter. Trasforma il suono in benessere.

Mini Rife Imprinter. Trasforma il suono in benessere.

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The Mini Rife Imprinter device was designed to take advantage of Rife frequency technology to transmit specific frequencies to liquids or objects. Before going into details, let's make a brief introduction to solfeggio frequencies and how they work.

Solfeggio frequencies are a series of musical tones that are used in various meditation and healing practices. These frequencies can have beneficial effects on the body and mind. For example, the frequency of 528Hz is often associated with DNA repair, while the frequency of 417Hz is linked to the undoing of negative energetic situations. These frequencies are used for wellness and meditation purposes.

The Solfeggio Frequency Scale is an ancient musical scale comprising nine original healing sound frequencies, ranging from 110 Hz to 963 Hz.

110Hz: This frequency is associated with relaxation, stress reduction and mental tranquility.
174 Hz: Associated with reducing stress and promoting greater energy. This frequency is considered beneficial for promoting stress reduction and promoting a sense of vitality and renewed energy.
285 Hz: Associated with wound healing and stimulation of the body's vital energy. This frequency is considered beneficial for promoting repair at the cellular level, promoting vitality and helping to restore the body's energy balance.
396 Hz: Associated with release from guilt and stress reduction. This frequency is considered beneficial for promoting the removal of negative energies related to guilt, for promoting emotional liberation and for helping to reduce tension and stress in daily life.
417 Hz: Associated with the removal of negative influences and ease in overcoming obstacles. This frequency is considered beneficial for promoting liberation from negative energies, destructive influences and to help overcome difficult life situations.
528 Hz: Associated with stimulating DNA repair and promoting inner peace. This frequency is considered beneficial for promoting healing on a cellular level and promoting a feeling of balance and inner harmony.
639 Hz: Associated with improving interpersonal relationships and promoting empathic communication. This frequency can promote harmony in relationships, resolution of conflicts and building deeper bonds with others.
741 Hz: Associated with the awakening of intuition, the stimulation of awareness and the promotion of mental order. This frequency is considered beneficial for promoting mental clarity, helping to concentrate and promoting greater internal awareness.
852 Hz: Associated with soul searching, spiritual awareness and connection to the higher self. This frequency favors inner transformation, the opening of consciousness and the achievement of greater harmony with oneself and with the universe.
The frequency of 963 Hz is often associated with spiritual awakening and connection with universal energy. This frequency promotes stimulation of the pineal gland, helps release blocked energy and promotes healing on a spiritual level. 432 Hz: This frequency is in tune with the "natural sound" of the universe with beneficial effects on human well-being.
Music tuned to 432 Hz can promote calm, reduce stress and increase mental clarity.
783 Hz: Prolonged listening in a relaxed state also stimulates the generation of the DHEA hormone, nicknamed the hormone of eternal youth because it reduces stress, helps memory and the immune system against infections, reduces the risk of tumors, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and diabetes.

These are just a few examples of the potential benefits associated with solfeggio frequencies.

If you are interested in exploring further frequencies, you may find the book 'The Frequencies of Rifing V edition', written by engineer Marcello Allegretti, useful. Click here to buy it.
Please note that solfeggio frequencies are sounds and not music in the traditional sense. These are specific frequencies that are used for their beneficial effects on physical, mental and emotional well-being. These frequencies are often presented as pure sounds or tones that do not fit into the construction of musical chords in the way we commonly expect music to. The theory behind solfeggio frequencies is based on the idea that these frequencies when used in meditation, healing practices or simply listened to can have positive impacts on the human mind and body.
Each of these frequencies has specific beneficial effects, and many people use them to achieve certain mental states, for meditation, or to promote a general state of well-being.

What the package contains:
Mini Rife Imprinter;
USB cable;
Anti-radiation headphones;
Mini speaker to listen to frequencies;
User manual

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 16cm x 15cm x 2.5cm
Weight: 271 grams
Frequency range: 0.1Hz - 30KHz
Schumann waves at 7.83Hz

We recommend that you consult the user manual included in the package for further detailed instructions on using the device.

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