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Castor Detox Kit neck band + abdomen band + castor oil 500 ml food purity

Castor Detox Kit neck band + abdomen band + castor oil 500 ml food purity

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The use of castor oil compresses for healing has very ancient origins, the first evidence dates back to Ancient Egypt and today we know with certainty that the benefits of the oil go far beyond simple aesthetic care.

The kit consists of:
  • 1 500ml food grade brown glass bottle, containing high quality, biofrequency edible castor oil.
  • 1 abdominal band to be used as indicated in the manual.
  • 1 neck band to use as indicated in the manual.
  • 1 color paper user manual in booklet.

Castor oil compresses

Traditionally castor oil packs were used for skin problems, digestive problems and to improve blood circulation. Today we know that castor oil has a significant impact on reducing inflammation in the body, promotes hormonal balance and supports the digestive process.

How to apply Castor Oil compresses?

Applying a castor oil pack directly to the skin helps increase circulation and promotes the elimination of toxins from underlying tissues and organs.
Usually gauze soaked in castor oil is used and applied to the area to be treated. Then you wrap the area with cling film and apply a heat source, such as a hot water bottle, over it. The installation time is approximately 20-30', maximum one hour.

Why do castor oil compresses?

Castor oil packs are used primarily because the topical application of castor oil to a specific area of ​​the body can offer therapeutic benefits targeted to that area.

Topical castor oil therapies involve the external application of castor oil to the skin or a specific part of the body. This method of use is one of the most common for castor oil for therapeutic purposes. Here are some of the most common topical applications of castor oil:

  1. Reduce Inflammation: Castor oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is often used to reduce inflammation and swelling. It can be applied directly to the skin in affected areas, such as in cases of arthritis, muscle or joint pain.
  2. Skin Hydration: Castor oil is a natural emollient and is often used to moisturize dry skin. It can be applied to dry or chapped areas to soften and hydrate the skin.
  3. Removing Skin Impurities: Castor oil is used by some people as a natural facial cleanser or as part of a skin cleansing regimen. It is said to have the ability to remove impurities and blackheads.
  4. Promotion of hair growth: Applying castor oil to the scalp can help stimulate hair growth and improve hair health. Castor oil is believed to promote blood circulation in the scalp and provide nutrients to the hair follicles.
  5. Stretch Mark Reduction: Castor oil is often suggested to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, especially during pregnancy. Constant application on the affected area could help improve its appearance.
  6. Nail Support: Some people use castor oil to improve the health of their nails and cuticles. It can be applied directly to the nails and massaged into the cuticles.
  7. Purify the body: castor oil promotes regular cleansing of the body, eliminating metabolites resulting from the processing of toxins on a daily basis.
  8. Reduce stress and promote relaxation: Castor oil has been shown to induce a state of relaxation and help reduce feelings of stress. Being relaxed has numerous benefits on a physiological level: it improves the immune system and promotes digestion. Furthermore, the contact of the compress with the skin produces a feeling of well-being as it stimulates dopamine.
  9. Support digestion and fight constipation: the use of castor oil compresses avoids the use of laxatives. In fact, it has been shown that castor oil is able to promote the evacuation of feces by stimulating the smooth muscles of the intestine and therefore promoting intestinal movements.
  10. Support liver functions and reduce inflammation: castor oil helps preserve and increase glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that has the task of eliminating toxins and estrogens from the body. Furthermore, castor oil is particularly beneficial for the liver.
  11. Promote hormonal balance: what allows castor oil to be so effective in treating various problems in our body? To better understand its beneficial nature, let's see what its properties are and how it works.
  12. Lymphatic congestion: lymphatic congestion is a phenomenon of significant importance that can lead to inflammatory processes and pathologies. Lymphocytes, the cells of the immune system responsible for fighting disease, are primarily produced and stored within lymphatic tissue, such as the thymus gland, spleen, and lymph nodes. Thanks to hundreds of kilometers of lymphatic tubules, tissues accumulate their waste which is then transported into the blood for elimination, in a process known as lymphatic drainage. When the lymphatic system malfunctions, there can be a buildup of waste and toxins that can cause disease. In this context, castor oil can help. Applying castor oil to the skin can help increase the number of lymphocytes. This increase in the presence of lymphocytes accelerates the elimination of toxins from the tissues, contributing to healing.
  13. Other specific indications: castor oil compresses can be useful in other different situations:
  • Liver disorders

  • Thyroid cysts and nodules

  • Non-cancerous uterine fibroids

  • Ovarian cysts

  • Constipation problems

  • Inflammation or gallstones - Joint inflammation

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Conditions characterized by poor elimination process

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Cysts in the breast tissue

  • General liver detoxification

  • Lung infections

  • Immune system support during cold or flu.

  • If you have low conversion of T4 to T3, you can apply daily castor oil compresses to your liver to help with this conversion.

  • To reduce cysts or nodules, you can apply a castor oil pack to the thyroid for 15 minutes a day using the included band.

  • To reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines, you can apply a castor oil compress to your liver once a day for a month and see if there is any improvement.

  • In case of congested lymph nodes in the areas under the arms or on the neck, a castor oil compress can be applied directly.

  • To support your immune system, you can apply a castor oil pack to your abdomen every day to relieve constipation.

  • To support the liver, along with a nutrient-rich diet, a castor oil pack can be applied to the liver every day.

  • Detox Kit Castor and fertility: what links castor oil compresses and fertility? Used since ancient times as an ointment with healing properties, castor oil has many benefits for the human body, including the ability to reduce inflammation and support digestive functions. But most importantly, this vegetable oil is able to maintain a healthy hormonal balance and improve fertility.

  • For a good hormonal balance: having a good hormonal balance not only means having more radiant skin, but achieving both physical and psychological well-being, which guarantees energy and vitality to the mind as well as the body. So what is the relationship between castor oil compresses and hormones?

Castor oil helps balance the hormones present in the body, and in particular is useful for:
  • Keep cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in balance and promote feel-good hormones;
  • Support the body's self-cleaning and antioxidant mechanisms;
  • Keep the intestine moving, promoting digestion, assimilation and elimination of substances;
  • Stimulate the production of progesterone;
  • Act as a detox by eliminating metabolized estrogens;
  • Help reduce inflammation levels;
  • Perform a beneficial action on the intestinal system;
  • Finally, castor oil compresses help stimulate the lymphatic system which, among other things, has the particular task of cleaning the reproductive organs and promoting the healing of damaged tissues.

For this reason it is very important to underline the relationship that emerges between the positive effects of castor oil compresses and fertility.

To improve fertility

Conceiving a child is not always easy, and many obstacles can arise along the way. One of these is certainly represented by problems related to fertility, and in this case we are talking about women's fertility.

According to the Istituto Superiore della Sanità ( the term fertility indicates the ability of women and men to reproduce. There can be many reasons why a couple may experience difficulty in conceiving a child and certainly today there are various medical treatments available that help resolve infertility problems, both female and male.

Although castor oil compresses are not guaranteed medical techniques, they can help improve a woman's fertility. This is also thanks to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and its beneficial effects on the balance of hormones.

How to make compresses?

Learning about all the benefits of castor oil can only make you want to try them. But where to start?
First of all, to be absorbed by the skin the oil is placed on a piece of gauze and then left on for 20 minutes (absorption time).

To get started you will therefore only need one thing, our Castor Oil Pack consisting of:

  • 1 50ml glass bottle of castor oil (RICINO COMMUNIS) edible, biofrequency and high quality, cold pressed;
  • 1 x belly band
  • 1 neck band.

Preparation phase of the compresses

Now that you have everything you need, you can move on to the actual preparation phase of the compresses.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Pour 2 tablespoons of castor oil over the center of the band, not too close to the edges to prevent it from leaking.
  2. Place the band on the area to be treated, so as to cover the area entirely. The optimal part of the body on which to apply the compresses is located immediately under the right rib cage, ideal for facilitating the anti-inflammatory action on the liver.
  3. Place the hot water bottle on top.
  4. Keep it for about 20-30 minutes.
  5. The optimal frequency of using the compresses is every 2-3 days at the beginning and then once a week. But let's look more specifically at when they should or shouldn't be done.

When to do compresses?

You can do the compresses at any time you want, when you have time to dedicate to yourself or simply to relax. At the same time they are also useful for relieving a particular pain or inflammation. Obviously, castor oil compresses prove to be more effective if done regularly, so why not make this "ritual" a good daily habit?

Doing compresses in the evening just before going to bed is particularly effective because while we sleep our body activates a sort of self-cleaning and castor oil supports this process by improving functional problems of the intestine, reducing inflammation, calming the stress.

Doing castor oil compresses every day is certainly optimal, especially if you are facing digestive or constipation problems. After a week, you can still decrease the frequency of use and see what effects it has for your body.

You can do compresses 2 or 3 times a week if you suffer from pre-menstrual syndrome or have particularly painful periods. You can increase the frequency of use as you get closer to the menstrual cycle, but DO NOT APPLY THE PACKS DURING THE MENSTRUAL FLOW.

Finally, it is interesting to underline the relationship that emerges between the benefits of castor oil compresses and fertility. In particular, the oil exerts a powerful action in supporting hormonal balance. Having a good hormonal balance not only brings physical benefits to the body, such as brighter skin, but it also releases energy and makes your mind clearer.

The properties of Castor Oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that is obtained by cold pressing castor seeds and is mainly composed of mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

The main component of castor oil is ricinoleic acid, a type of fatty acid that has anti-inflammatory properties and has beneficial effects on intestinal health. Another important component of castor oil is quercetin: one of the most natural flavonoids (powerful phytochemicals) usually found in foods, such as fruits, teas and vegetables.

Quercetin has many benefits, including its power to influence iron, an effect that is primarily useful for hormonal health as well. Furthermore, it protects our body from free radicals that can cause oxidative damage, such as inflammation. It's amazing how quercetin can perform all its functions without having any negative impact on the rest of the vitamins and minerals present in the body.

Finally, castor oil is rich in Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin that has antioxidant properties, fights free radicals and promotes cell renewal.

To ensure that the properties of the oil act correctly on our body, we must respect some application methods which I will now explain to you step by step.

Why do castor oil compresses
Castor oil compresses are a simple and economical treatment that any of us can easily do at home. Here are the reasons why castor oil compresses are a good, easy and natural method to try to improve fertility and when trying to get pregnant:

  • Improves liver detoxification naturally
  • Supports uterine and ovarian health
  • Improves lymphatic circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces the effects of premenstrual syndrome
  • Relieves side effects resulting from hormonal stimulation
  • It improves the quality and thickness of the endometrium, therefore it is very useful even in cases where the thickness of the endometrium does not reach the desired values
  • Relieves stress
What are the cases in which Castor compresses are really useful?
  • while seeking a natural pregnancy
  • during an assisted reproduction cycle
  • in case of endometriosis, fibroids or uterine polyps
  • in cases of thin endometrium
  • in cases of irregular cycles (too long or too short)
  • to improve oocyte quality

What are the situations in which we should avoid using them, that is, when are they contraindicated?

  • pregnant
  • in case of hemorrhages
  • during the menstrual cycle
  • in cases of ovarian cancer

How and when to do compresses?

The success of the effectiveness of castor oil compresses on fertility is also achieved thanks to the knowledge of the various application phases and the different areas to be treated in each phase.

From the end of the menstrual cycle until ovulation, compresses should be done every 2 or 3 days for 30 or 40 minutes and applied to the uterus to improve:

  • the uterine lining
  • circulation to the ovaries
  • the quality of the oocytes

From ovulation until the next cycle, the compresses should always be done every 2 or 3 days for 30 or 40 minutes and applied, in this case, on the liver to:

  • detoxify the body
  • improve hormonal balance

Alternatively, if you have an irregular menstrual cycle, you can apply castor oil packs every other day between the uterus and liver throughout the month until your period.


Compresses during an assisted reproduction cycle; You will find extensive information on this in the product manual.

Other cases where compresses are useful

In addition to improving circulation and detoxification of the body, having benefits on the immune system and being able to relieve inflammation and pain, castor oil compresses are also useful in helping to dissolve any type of obstruction present in the body and especially in the womb.

We can do compresses to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and to improve inflammation due to endometriosis, fibroids, cysts and myomas. In this case the compresses should be applied initially 4 times a week on the uterus for 30 or 60 minutes, for at least 2 months, and then gradually reduce the frequency.

To reduce stress on our body, compresses are applied to the liver to concentrate their action on detoxifying the body from unused or excess hormones.


To use castor oil in these applications, it is important to follow a few guidelines:

  1. Make sure the castor oil is high quality and free from any harmful additives or chemicals.
  2. Do a preliminary skin test to make sure there are no allergic reactions.
  3. Apply castor oil gently to your skin or scalp and massage it gently.
  4. Leave it on for the recommended time and then rinse if necessary.
  5. Consult a health professional or dermatologist if you have specific concerns about your skin or health.

Remember that results may vary from person to person and castor oil may not work the same for everyone.


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