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Goiz 2024 Biomagnetic Kit

Goiz 2024 Biomagnetic Kit

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Biomagnetism is an unconventional therapeutic practice that uses magnets to balance the magnetic field of the human body. The practice is based on the idea that every organ and tissue in the human body has a natural magnetic field that can be influenced by internal and external factors. The goal of biomagnetism is to restore the human body's natural energy balance, helping the immune system fight disease and improving overall health and well-being.

During a biomagnetism session, biomagnetic points on the patient's body are identified and magnets are applied to them for a certain period of time. This practice is used to treat a wide range of physical and/or emotional ailments such as gastrointestinal problems, infectious diseases, hormonal disorders, sleep disorders, and mental health problems.

Magnets are usually placed on acupuncture points on the body, symmetrically to balance the natural magnetic field. It is important to note that the application of magnets for biomagnetism should only be performed by a trained professional to prevent any unwanted side effects.

The GOIZ Special Edition 2023 Biomagnetic Kit is composed of neodymium magnets coated in red on one side and blue on the other. These magnets can be used for biomagnetic treatment.

To locate acupuncture points, you can use different methodologies such as using acupuncture point maps, palpation or stimulation of the points. Magnets generate magnetic fields that can influence the body's electricity, contributing to the recovery of our system.

Biomagnetism can offer various advantages such as the treatment of infectious, contagious, chronic-degenerative, metabolic, autoimmune and psycho-emotional diseases, promoting the immune response and the correct functioning of systems, organs and tissues.

Importantly, biomagnetism can be used preventatively or during conventional medical treatments without altering medical prescriptions or interventions. However, there are some situations in which it is essential to inform your therapist, such as having received chemotherapy or radiotherapy two years ago or less, being pregnant, or having electronic medical devices such as pacemakers.

Finally, biomagnetism can be an integrative treatment option that does not interfere with any other techniques, has no negative effects, is inexpensive, and can be learned by anyone.


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