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EarthBeat Body 7.83 Hz

EarthBeat Body 7.83 Hz

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Earthbeat Body 7.83Hz is a device that uses the natural frequency of the Earth, known as Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz, to promote the well-being and health of the human organism. The device is designed to synchronize human cells with this natural frequency, thus creating a protective barrier against electromagnetic radiation and other external harmful agents.

When worn correctly, EARTHBEAT helps restore the vibrational frequency of cells, promoting the harmonization of the organism with the natural frequency of the Earth. In fact, regular use of this device can contribute to improving health, helping the body to resist the negative effects of unnatural electromagnetic radiation.

To use EARTHBEAT, it is recommended to charge the device for about an hour using the supplied power supply. Once charged, the device is ready to wear. When inserted into the included elastic band and positioned at the height of the left bicep, EARTHBEAT can begin to perform its beneficial effects.

The indications for use suggest that EARTHBEAT could help reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines, improve the quality of sleep, reduce general tiredness and promote improvements in mood and psyche. Furthermore, the device can create a protective barrier against external electromagnetic fields, contributing to the restoration of normal cellular functionality and health.

The life of the device without having to be recharged is approximately 4 hours, but it is advisable to have a power bank in case you need to use it for longer periods without access to a power outlet.

Inside the EARTHBEAT box you'll find the device itself, a USB cable for charging, and a specially designed armband to house the device, ensuring a convenient, clutter-free experience.

Find natural balance with EarthBeat Body: protection and harmony at 7.83Hz


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