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Earthbeat Ambient 7.83 Hz

Earthbeat Ambient 7.83 Hz

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Earthbeat is a device that reproduces the "beat of the earth" or the Schumann resonance at 7.83hz.

The EarthBeat 783 AMBIENT device is designed to rebalance the Schumann frequencies of 7.83 Hz in the surrounding environment. The range of action of the device is 90m2. As for its usefulness on geopathologies, the device was designed to help re-establish a harmonious balance in the environment from terrestrial networks, Hartmann nodes, curry, Benker and underground aquifers and waterways.

The method of use is simple and intuitive and the device can be positioned in a central place within the environment to be rebalanced.

If worn appropriately, it synchronises, by resonance, human cells at this frequency, creating a real protective barrier from electromagnetic fields and external harmful agents as well as effecting a gradual restoration of the organism to the natural frequency of the earth. All this translates into a progressive recovery of the best energetic condition.

What you find in the package:
  • Earthbeat Ambient 7.83 Hz
  • 12 V power supply
  • Color information leaflet

The Schumann resonance

Planet Earth is constantly immersed in a continuous exchange of low frequency electromagnetic waves (ELF). These waves are continuously excited by the electrical discharges of lightning and solar winds which periodically influence terrestrial activity. Between the ionosphere and the earth's crust a difference in magnetic charges is generated in the environment in which we live. This environment presents a series of basic frequencies that scientists have called Schumann Resonances, named after the German physicist who managed to measure them mathematically for the first time in 1952.

The magnetic activity of the earth therefore generates three main types of frequencies 7.83 Hz, 14.1 Hz and 20.03 Hz. Of these 3 frequencies, 7.83 Hz is defined as the fundamental frequency and is properly called "Schumann frequency ”; this is the main regulator of the biological processes of our planet. It is assumed that thanks to this frequency life on the planet was possible. The cells of all living beings on this earth vibrate, in health, at a certain frequency. In healthy humans, their cells vibrate at around 8Hz. Thanks to this frequency, cells can form ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is the main source of energy capable of governing the biochemical and energetic processes of the organism including the restoration of the state of health. Therefore we can say that the cell therefore responds to the principle of resonance.

The principle of resonance

Resonance is a physical phenomenon that occurs when a forced oscillating system is subjected to periodic stress with a frequency equal to the own oscillation of the system itself, with the effect of progressive amplification of the oscillation itself.

In 1665 the Dutch physicist and mathematician Christian Huygens, among the first to postulate the wave theory of light, observed that by placing two pendulums next to each other and on the same wall, they tended to tune their oscillatory movement, almost as if they "wanted to assume the same rhythm". With his studies he discovered the phenomenon that today we call 'resonance'.

In the case of two pendulums, one is said to make the other resonate at its own frequency. In the same way and by the same principle, if you strike a tuning fork, which produces waves at a fixed frequency of 440 Hz, and place it near a second 'silent' tuning fork, after a short interval the latter also begins to vibrate. A resonance phenomenon generally causes a significant increase in the amplitude of the oscillations, which corresponds to a notable accumulation of energy within the stressed system.

The problem

This is why the lowering of the fundamental Schumann frequencies leads, over time, to a lowering of the cellular frequency and the consequent loss of energy and state of health. There are many factors that alter the Schumann frequency on earth, causing disturbances in living beings:

  • lightning activity;
  • solar winds telluric activities high frequency electromagnetic fields;
  • geopathies (other events that alter the magnetic field of the environment).

When our organism is in an environment that has a frequency different from the Schumann resonance, long exposure to this condition causes imbalance. This shows that we cannot be healthy if disconnected from the biological Earth Frequency that protects us.

The solution

Scientific research has shown that using Schumann frequencies helps the body resist and become immune to the effects of unnatural forms of electromagnetic radiation. Furthermore, this type of protection reduces the risk of diseases in adults and children. When the organism re-attunes itself to the natural frequencies of the Earth, the cells return to their optimal energy, counteracting imbalances.


For information purposes we list the following scientific studies of interest that demonstrate its potential.


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