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Green Shield

Magnetic cotton mattress protector.

Magnetic cotton mattress protector.

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Revolutionize your sleeping experience with our cotton mattress protector with magnets.

Our cotton mattress protector with magnets is an innovative product that can help you improve the quality of your sleep and reduce chronic pain. Made up of 112 magnets of 15 mm in diameter, each with a power of 2500 gauss, this product brings a series of health benefits thanks to the powerful integrated magnetic fields.

Easy positioning and maximum comfort:

The mattress protector is easy to place and can be used with any type of mattress. Simply place it under your regular sheet or mattress protector and enjoy the magnetic backing while you relax or sleep. To get the most benefit, we recommend that you sleep on your right side so that the magnetic field penetrates through the left side of the body, bringing relief and support to vital organs.

Health Benefits:

In addition to relieving chronic pain, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or headaches, the magnetic field is said to improve the quality of sleep, help deal with mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress and even promote blood circulation, reducing l inflammation and supporting the healing process.

The mattress protector attaches securely to your mattress thanks to the four elastic straps and is available in three different sizes to adapt to your space and comfort needs: 90 x 190 cm, 140 x 190 cm and 160 x 190 cm.

Learn to enjoy your sleep optimally by embracing magnetic therapy with our high-quality magnetic mattress protector and latest generation neodymium magnets.

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