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Green Shield

BioActive E-Shirt

BioActive E-Shirt

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BioActive E-Shirts with NILIT INNERGY fabric are ideal for those looking for comfort, convenience and health benefits. Made with the innovative NILIT INNERGY yarn, these t-shirts absorb the heat of the human body, converting it into thermal energy and reflecting it on the skin, generating deep and delicate heating thanks to the bio ceramic with active minerals. Benefits include relief from fatigue, improved muscle tone and improved circulation. These t-shirts are particularly suitable for those suffering from heart disease, as they stimulate the endothelium to produce nitric oxide, an important vasodilator that reduces oxidative stress and restores normal endothelial function.

In addition to providing support to those with specific pathologies such as cervical arthritis, fibromyalgia and muscle pain, these t-shirts represent a valid ally for those who need to recover energy during the day or deal with sleep disorders and stress.

The t-shirts are available in one size, stretch.

Scientific research demonstrates the benefits of far infrared rays for cardiovascular, autoimmune and other chronic health problems. Furthermore, specific studies have highlighted the effectiveness of FIR rays in therapy for breast cancer-related lymphedema, in improving motor dysfunction and neuropathology in some pathological cases, as well as in providing potential antioxidant properties.

All this scientific information and the benefits of BioActive E-Shirts are supported by in-depth research and available publications, which confirm their effectiveness and safety of use.


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