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BioActive E-Shape

BioActive E-Shape

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BioActive E-Shape slimming/lumbar bands with NILIT INNERGY fabric are designed to provide comfort and health benefits. Made with the innovative NILIT INNERGY yarn, they absorb human heat, converting it into thermal energy and reflecting it on the skin, generating deep and delicate heating thanks to the bio ceramic with active minerals. This type of heat can help invigorate and energize the body, while also helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

These bands are ideal for addressing muscle stiffness and vertebral and postural pathologies, such as hernia protrusions, osteoporosis, low back pain and more. FIR technology helps strengthen bone cells, promoting bone growth, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Furthermore, by acting on the microcirculation, it contributes to general well-being and can reduce the sense of heaviness and pain. By improving blood flow, tissue hydration is optimized, thus promoting weight and cm loss on the abdomen. In case of pharmacological treatment and/or ongoing therapies, these bands can be an excellent aid as an adjuvant.

The slimming/lumbar bands are available in one size, elasticated.

Scientific research highlights the multiple benefits of far infrared rays for cardiovascular, autoimmune and other chronic health problems. Specific studies have highlighted the effectiveness of FIR rays in therapy for breast cancer-related lymphedema, in improving motor dysfunction and neuropathology in specific cases, as well as in providing potential antioxidant properties and other beneficial health effects.


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