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EMOTO glass x 4 pieces

EMOTO glass x 4 pieces

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EMOTO programmable glasses designed to improve the quality of the water we drink.

These glasses are made of special glass, energetically programmed with specific sound waves to positively influence the properties of the water contained inside them.

The main objective is to transform simple water into more balanced and energetic water, making it more suitable for our well-being. Through a programming process, the EMOTO glass changes the structure of water and increases its vitality and coherence.

Water treated with EMOTO glass can offer potential benefits for our body, for example by improving hydration, digestion and metabolism.

The new Emoto glass is made of crystal like the Vodan carafe, which makes these two items unique and compatible.

Structured water in the domestic version, simple and practical use.

Easy to clean even when drinking smoothies, fruit juices and/or other healthy drinks.
In crystal produced in EU.
Format: 0.25L.
Your water source!

All Flaska products are made of glass programmed using the TPS* procedure (technology of programming silicon), which is why the structure of the water in Flaska becomes similar to the structure of spring water.

The TPS process was developed in the Flaska doo company and is constantly improved and updated.


Will water become your favorite drink? By drinking more water from a high quality glass bottle you are aware that glass does not release any toxic elements, does not alter the taste and is environmentally friendly.


It is the smallest of the Flaska products that structure water. Ideal for drinking water and other healthy drinks. In every drink there is the presence of water and the effects of informed water can also be seen in smoothies, fruit juices and freshly squeezed juices.

The Emoto glass is made of crystal like the Vodan carafe from Flaska, which makes these two items unique and compatible.

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