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CleanWaves Earphones: Advanced Radiation Protection

CleanWaves Earphones: Advanced Radiation Protection

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In a technological era where we are constantly surrounded by digital devices, CleanWaves earphones emerge as fundamental allies for your health. Designed with safety in mind, these revolutionary air tube earphones provide reliable protection from electromagnetic radiation (EMF) generated by your mobile devices.

Innovative Technology for Your Wellbeing

Embrace peace of mind knowing that with CleanWaves earphones, you are taking a proactive approach against harmful radiation exposure. Their unique design, featuring carbon-containing material, creates an unrivaled barrier that absorbs and deflects EMFs before they can get close to your skull.

Suitable for Frequency Harmony

While CleanWaves earphones combat EMF radiation, their engineering also makes them perfect for enjoying solfeggio frequencies through Mini Rife devices, offering dual functionality. Their versatility also makes them compatible with a wide range of electronic devices, guaranteeing you protection without ever compromising sound quality.

Features That Differentiate:

  • Sound Quality : Equipped with Φ8mm diameter speakers, these earphones guarantee a balanced acoustic experience with a sensitivity of 93±2dBSPL at 1KHZ.
  • Frequency Range : Enjoy clear, crisp sound across a wide frequency range from 20HZ to 20KHZ.
  • Comfort and Practicality : Lightweight and easy to handle, with a weight of only 21 g and a 132 cm cable that includes 15 cm of anti-radiation air tube, they adapt perfectly to your dynamic lifestyle.
  • Optimal Impedance : With an impedance of 16Ω, they are designed to be used with a wide range of devices without overcharging the battery.

Packaging Designed for Safety and Design

The package (20.2 * 12.2 * 2.4 cm) arrives complete with everything you need, keeping it within a weight of 67 g, making the CleanWaves earphones an excellent option for both personal use and as a conscious gift for loved ones pay attention to your health.

By purchasing CleanWaves earphones, you choose the wisdom of a connected but protected lifestyle: health is your most precious asset, protect it with style and innovation. “Keep your pace without harmful exposure: CleanWaves earbuds, your personal defense against radiation

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