Who we are

Green Shield is a company active since 2018, specializing in the research and development of products in the field of holistic medicine. Our logo represents infinity, a symbol of the constant search for solutions for well-being. The sectors in which we operate include:

- Broad-spectrum antimicrobials extracted from algae
- Innovative non-invasive diagnostic equipment based on Quantum Medicine - NLS
- Innovative organic medicines of natural extraction and not chemical synthesis, with proprietary frequency extraction technique
- Integrated Medicine - Biological Pharmacology

What do we do:
Our business is based on a holistic approach to well-being, which deals with the different physical, mental, energetic and emotional aspects of the human body. Research in the field of quantum physics has shown us how every disease has an associated frequency, so the imbalance of frequencies in the body can cause disease and pain. The products and devices we develop are born from this research, combining effective technologies and cutting-edge materials, integrated with frequency bio-magnetism techniques.

Who we are:
Green Shield is the result of the skills and know-how acquired over many years of experience in the holistic medicine sector. We collaborate with experts in the field, including researchers, technicians, biomedical consultants, biologists and university professors of quantum medicine. We use specialized tools of high precision and high technological innovation.

We believe that all organisms are in tune with natural frequencies and that our well-being depends on this harmony. However, we live in a digital and electronic world that is full of interference from man-made frequencies. Green Shield is committed to helping people get back in touch with the Earth's natural frequencies and care for their well-being through orthotics and frequency-optimized devices.

Fields of Application:
Our products find application in various sectors, including:
- Osteo-myo-articular pathologies
- Pre and post-operative treatments
- Metabolic and endocrine system disorders
- Neurological pathologies
- Removal of energy blocks
- Energy rebalancing
- Treatment of geopathies
- Pain therapy
- Anxious/depressive syndromes
- Heavy metal poisoning
- Strengthening of the immune system

To ensure the effectiveness of our products, we use cutting-edge technologies in the field of quantum medicine:
- Nanotechnology
- Plasma (MaGrav)
- Schumann
- Biofrequencies
- Rife Zapper
- Bioceramics
- FIR Technology - Far Infrared Rays
- Faraday and EMC Protection
- Biomagnetism
- Magnetized water
- Natural products
- Epigenetic mapping test

Our products are produced and distributed worldwide, through a vast network of distributors. In recent years we have seen a significant increase in activity in Italy (70%) and constant growth elsewhere (30%).

We believe that working together makes a difference. Our team is made up of expert researchers, therapists, biodoctors, biologists and other specialists who collaborate to develop and use our devices in the field. By combining our efforts, ideas and resources, we try to find the best solutions for our customers. Beyond our work, we are also parents, brothers, sisters, friends, leaders and volunteers in our communities. We come together every day to create, discover and enable new, natural ways to improve people's health.

We are here to help you on your journey to holistic wellness!